LED Stage Lighting

ProductionGear.com.au offers a wide range of various LED stage lighting solutions that will be able to suit the needs of any customer. Our range include Pro Shop high quality LED light bars, LED stage light stands, LED strips and more LED stage lighting. We also have a value for money Proshop LED Lighting Package.

Our range of ProShop LED stage lighting comprises of several different PAR LED lights (such as the LED Pro PAR 64 and the LED PIXPAR range) as well as lightweight ultra bright LED light strips and quality high output LED light strips. ProShop LED lighting equipment also features LED Honeycomb lighting. This range involves the LED Honeycomb XO Compact light with 24 5 Watt Tricolour (Red, Green and Blue) LEDs as well as 4 3 Watt White LEDs. The traditional, slightly larger, LED Honeycomb XO light contains twice as many LEDs. It has 48 5 Watt Tricolour (RGB) LEDs as well as 8 3 Watt White LEDs.

Browse our collection to find the latest and most advanced LED stage lighting solutions best suited to your needs!

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