db Technologies

db Technologies 2 in 4 Digital Controller


db Technologies Digital Controller

2 in 4 out digital controller. 48Khz/32bit signal processing, dynamic range >110dB(A), 3000ms total delay, 4 parametric EQs per input and output, programmable x-over and routing section, editable limiter per output, large LCD display, bank for 30 presets, USB interface for programming and data transfer, 19", 1U, inputs and outputs on balanced XLR.

Featuring two inputs and four outputs, it delivers outstanding performance in combinations with widely usedtwo-way active stereo systems made up of subwoofers and mid-/ high-range units.

An extensive set of signal processing tools such as input compressors, delays, 31-band graphic input EQ, and six parametric EQs for each output lets you tune speaker systems with surgical precision to suit the givenvenue and operating conditions.

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