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db Technologies SUB18H Active Class-D 18" Subwoofer


db Technologies Active 18" Subwoofer

The Active Class-D 18" Subwoofer is a Semi horn-loaded active 18" Subwoofer, 1500W/PRG digipro®G3 digital power amp, integrated delay (up to 4.5 ms), active stereo X-Over with switchable frequency 90/120Hz, Phase inversion switch, USB port (service data), SMPS with auto-range, 134dB SPL, 28-150Hz, Dimensions: 524x711x695mm.

The latest-generation digital amplifier Digipro G3 ensures excellent performance and low energy consumption thanks to its highly efficient, yet very lightweight system. The auto-range digital power supply allows it to operate both on 110V~ and on 220V~.

The new 28/56 Bit DSP with 24 Bit/48KHz A/D conv. provides sound performance above all expectations and perfect system control even under the most extreme operating conditions, thanks to its advanced limiting functions.

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