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db Technologies SUB15H Active Class D 15" Subwoofer


db Technologies SUB15H Active 15" Subwoofer

Semi horn-loaded active 15" Subwoofer, 1000W/PRG digipro G3 digital power amp, integrated delay (up to 4.5 ms), active stereo X-Over with switchable frequency 90/120Hz, Phase inversion switch, USB port (service data), SMPS with auto-range, 133dB SPL, 35-150Hz, Dimensions: 524x511x695mm.

Thanks to their unique configuration, termed Hybrid Horn-Loading, the boxes can be tuned to the lowest frequencies to improve system efficiency and convey a deep, enveloping sound.

Unlike conventional horn loaded systems, 15H and 18H subs ensure excellent efficiency even at close listening distance, which makes them suited for use even in small venues.

The new 15H sub offers stereo inputs with selectable link or crossover outputs, a crossover frequency switch at 90 or 120 Hz, a phase inversion switch and built-in delay up to 4.5 ms (adjustable in 0.5 ms steps).

The delay helps you to improve the correct coupling with the whole line-up of dB Technologies full-range speakers, and to make advanced subwoofer configurations without the help of any external processor (Cardioid or End-Fire or Straight Line).
As a matter of fact, the built-in features - variable crossover frequency, phase and delay - let the new Sub H Series be compatible with any other speaker of our lines.

The subs also feature a mini USB Type-B port to update system firmware and retrieve a telemetry log file that provides information on abnormal events, usage time and amplifier status.

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