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Blackmagic DVI Extender

$553.97 $615.00

Blackmagic Design DVI to SDI Converter

You can now use an SDI router to connect your computer monitor and televisions! Blackmagic's DVI Extender lets you extend the DVI-D connection to your computer monitor with the use of a quality SDI video cables! This DVI extender makes it's much quicker and simpler to connect your computer displays anywhere in your facility, or even to more than one monitor when using any 3 Gb/s SDI router. Blackmagic video DVI Extender also works as a regular DVI to SD/HD-SDI video converter so it is the perfect solution for broadcast graphics! This DVI Extender is used all around the world.

  • Built in SDI Audio Embedding
  • Full Digital Quality
  • New 3 Gb/s SDI Technology
  • Powers from any USB Port
  • Portable and convenient

Included Accessories

  • USB Cable
  • DVI Cable
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