Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Studio Videohub

$3,590.97 $3,989.00

Blackmagic Design Studio Videohub Router

The Studio Videohub Router from Blackmagic Design is a solution designed to eliminate complicated, manual video patching by allowing you to connect all your equipment to a single router controlled via software. This unit is a broadcast-grade routing switcher that features (16) inputs, (32) outputs, and (16) deck control ports. It supports auto-switching with SD, HD, and 3Gbps SDI. The chassis can be mounted in a standard 19" equipment rack and its slimline profile is only several inches deep.

  • Eliminate Manual Patching
    Use this solution to avoid the need for manual patching by routing all your equipment through a single hub and controlling connections via a software panel.

  • Industrial Design
    Features such as signal reclocking and redundant power supplies make this an industrial solution.

  • SDI Re-Clocking
    SDI reclockers are included on each SDI input, thereby eliminating signal degradation that occurs in cabling and allowing for longer transmission distances.

  • Support Up to 3Gbs SDI
    Support up for up to 3Gbps HD-SDI allows for increased data-transfer speeds without sacrificing backwards compatibility with SD/HD-SDI signals.

  • Independent Monitoring
    Independent SDI outputs allow for totally dedicated monitoring direct from the router

  • Deck Control Routing
    Independent Sony RS-422 control ports allow each editing system in your facility to control any deck.

  • Network Router Control
    A software control panel that runs on Windows or Mac systems allows you to control the router from the same system you use to edit. This solution connects via a USB port and can be shared over a local network.
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