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Blackmagic Video Ultrascope

$976.97 $1,085.00

Blackmagic Video Scope

The UltraScope from Blackmagic is a 3Gbps SDI and optical-fiber SDI scope. It is designed for editors and colorists. This unit is intended to provide the technical accuracy required for use in broadcast and engineering video work.

3Gbps SDI & Optical-Fiber SDI Scope
This unit is a 3Gbps SDI and optical-fiber SDI scope designed for professional use.
  • 3Gbps SDI and Optical-Fiber SDI Scope
  • Software
  • For Editors & Colorists
  • Broadcast-Quality Accuracy
  • Parade Display
  • Waveform Display
  • Component Vectorscope View
  • Histogram for Location Shoots
  • Audio Level
  • Picture View with VITC Timecode
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