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Blackmagic Videohub Control

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Blackmagic Videohub Master Control

It's the essential control system for Blackmagic Videohub family. The Video Master Control lets you control all Blackmagic Videohubs, from the one with least amount of inputs to the one with the most. It will also let you cycle through the inputs, select any one, and route it to any destination.

One of the system's best features is that you can lock routes to prevent from accidentally changing routes when you're live. Furthermore, your can unlock any destinations locked by others through their computer, iPad, or Video Smart Control. Another useful feature is that the routes can be labeled and easily searched for. For example, VTRs can be labeled "VTRs" and searched for as "VTRs."

Blackmagic Videohub Master Control Features

  • Controls All Videohubs Small to Large
  • Cycles Through, Selects, Routes Inputs
  • Locks and Unlocks Routes
  • Labels Routes and Searches by Label
  • Connects by Ethernet

Blackmagic Videohub Smart Control

Blackmagic Design Smart Controller is a a 1U-sized professional video switcher with a speed of 3GB/s SDI. It has an in built auto-switching feature to instantly switch between HD and SD video formats (depending on the input signal). Full SDI re-clocking is used to make up for lost signals and easier decoding of the signals.

The Videohub Smart Controller can include 16 buttons for destinations and 16 buttons for sources. Routing can be changed by using the destination button and selecting the source. The illuminated control buttons allow you to read the button labels even in dark or poor light.

Ethernet control allows direct connection to the network and is fully compatible with software/hardware control panels.

Note! IEC power cable not included

Blackmagic Videohub Smart Control Features

  • Compact - 1U Size
  • 3 GB/s SDI
  • Auto-switching SD / HD
  • Full SDI Re-clocking
  • 32 Attractive Crystal Look Buttons
  • Illuminated Buttons
  • Ethernet Direct Network Connection
  • Simple Installation
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