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dB Technologies DVA S08


Active Subwoofer 12" 800 Watt RMS / Sub Cabinet

The DVA S08 DP is a remarkably compact 12"high power active bassreflex subwoofer for professional applications and to satisfy upmarket requirements.

It delivers a high momentum and at the same time reproduces a punchy low end.

Equipped with a 800W/RMS digipro digital power amp including switch mode supply, this unit provides a high sound pressure level of up to 131dB.

Furthermore there is a powercon in and out for mains connection.


Active Subwoofer 800 Watt RMS

Made of durable birch multiplex housing covered in robust black textured lacquer,
the high-quality housing provides six carrying handles, an M20 pole mount, and bushings on the rear panel that accept casters.
Width360 mm (20.8 in)
Height520 mm (14.4 in)
Depth500 mm (20 in)
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