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dB Technologies DVA S2585N


Active Subwoofer 15"/18" 2500 Watt RMS Cardioid / Sub Cabinet

The DVA S2585N is a compact subsystem featuring a cardioid layout designed for utmost directivity.

The system consists of two separate chambers, one loaded with a forward facing 18" woofer and another with a rearward facing 15" woofer.

The integrated digiproG2 digital power amps provide 2500W total output power.
The high-quality DSP filters signals and controls the speakers to deliver a remarkably authentic audio image and faithful transient response.

The housing is ready to fly with the optional SRK10 Rigging Kit is all it takes to put up flown cardioid sub arrays.

Cardiod- Design

Many systems lack low-frequency directivity and, as a result, are plagued by interference and annoying noise.

The S2825N, in contrast, was engineered specifically for enhanced low-frequency directivity.
And it not only sounds great, it is also easy to handle and transport.

Factory-equipped with an RDnet port, this subwoofer is ready for integration into elaborate, remotely controlled and monitored DVA T12 sound reinforcement systems via RJ45 inputs and outputs that connect the units to the RDnet hub.


Width515 mm (20.6 in)
Height640 mm (25.6 in)
Depth1000 mm (40 in)


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