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dB Technologies Sigma S118


Active Subwoofer 18" 1400 Watt

The S118 is a powerful, active 18" subwoofer housed in abassreflex enclosure.

Designed specifically to provide low-frequency support for high performance S115 fullrange speakers, it packs a mighty low-ranging bass punch.

S118 and S115 enclosures have the same width so they are easily stacked to set up professional-grade PA systems.


Active Subwoofer 1400 Watt
Musicians and DJs who provide their own backline need a reliable sound system that sets up in a flash and is easily tweaked without a lot of fuss It has to respond directly and predictably to every mix.

Live acts need resilient speakers with lots of load handling capacity and the staying power necessary to operate at high levels for hours on end.

The rig has to deliver tight, punchy bass response that gets people dancing as well as assertive mids and a sparkling top end.

And it has to be easy to handle. The SIGMA line does all this and more.
Width509 mm (20.36 in)
Height815 mm (32.6 in)
Depth533 mm (21.32 in)
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