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dB Technologies Sub 05 D


Active Subwoofer 15" 800 Watt

The 800W SUB 05 D is an excellent choice for extending 10" and 12" loudspeakers' range.

It packs the kind powerful low-end punch necessary for contemporary sounds and pumps out plenty of SPL for live applications.

The unit connects easily and quickly courtesy of a built-in digital stereo crossover (DSP) with adjustable frequency and a phase inversion switch.

Housed in the newly developed H.E.T enclosure featuring integrated control features, this rugged cabinet tough enough to stand up to the rigors of transport.


Active Subwoofer 800 Watt
Developed by dBTechnologies, H.E.T housings are made of premium-quality multiply wood with a hardwearing, durable, and scratch-resistant coating.

Tough, robust plastic side panels provide excellent protection for the housing as well as integrated grips and electrical connectors for utmost handling convenience and safety.
Width490 mm (19.6 in)
Height520 mm (20.5 in)
Depth615 mm (24 in)
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