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db Technologies DVX D10 HP


Active Speaker 10"/1" 600w

The DVX D10 is an active 10"/1" two-way speaker cabinet perfect for use in music and speech reinforcement applications demanding true frequency response, balanced dynamic response, and assertive sound pressure levels.

Equipped with a high-quality 10" RCF woofer and a 1" RCF neodymium compression driver with rotatable CD horn, the DVX D10 is full-range enabled and can be deployed for many applications without an added subwoofer.


Active Speaker 1200 Watt
The housing's multifunctional design incorporates a slanted panel for monitoring, rigging points, and even a special monitor setup controlled by the onboard DSP, which also acts as a controller, providing active equalizer, x-over, limiter, and phase and time alignment functions.

Combining the DVX D10 with a DVA series subwoofer creates remarkably powerful yet compact satellite systems.
Width290 mm (11.6 in)
Height510 mm (20.4 in)
Depth310 mm (12.4 in)
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