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Viper 2.6 Fogger


Viper 2.6 Fog Machine

The Viper 2.6 is a 230 Volt, 2600 Watt high performance fog machine. The output is twice as powerful as the Viper NT. It has a built-in timer and DMX. Heat-up time is approximately 7 minutes. Pump can be adjusted in increments of 1%-99%. Continuous output when pump is set <50% and settings above 50% will yield a 40 second blast.

  • DMX as standard, analog and stand-alone-Mode
  • Internal timer
  • Easy handling
  • Very powerful output
  • Fogging output adjustable in steps of 1% from 0 - 99%
  • Continuous output
  • Connector for external fan with max. 800 Watt
  • Easy bottle changing with quick-out connectors
  • Made in Germany
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