Mackie SRM1550 1200W 15 INCH POWERED SUBWOOFER - new!


The Mackie SRM1550 powered subwoofer is designed from the ground up to be the perfect match for SRM450 and SRM350 speakers, delivering 1200W of raw power paired with a custom high-output 15" woofer for powerful room-shaking performance.

The road-worthy internally reinforced Poplar cabinet delivers on the “Built-Like-A-Tank” legacy that the SRM series is known for and its front ported design provides maximum punch and low-frequency extension.

The SRM1550 features stereo XLR inputs, full-range and high-pass outputs plus a variable digital crossover that includes presets for the Mackie SRM350 and SRM450.

Get the powerful low end you need from the subwoofer built on the proven SRM legacy.

The 1000W SRM350 and SRM450 feature modern tools like application-specific speaker modes and an automatic feedback destroyer, each with a single-button interface that gets you optimized performance in just seconds. And with the integrated 2-channel mixer, you can easily mix multiple sources. Complete your SRM system with the 1200W SRM1550 subwoofer, packed with plenty of power and versatility to match SRM loudspeakers perfectly. The SRM Portable Series is beyond powerful and provides an array of modern features making these the easiest to use, best sounding SRMs ever.


■ 1200W of power paired with a 15" custom high-output woofer with 3" voice coil delivers gig-level volumes with room to spare

■ Same cosmetic design as the renowned SRM450

■ Road-ready “Built-Like-A-Tank” design

■ 18 mm, internally reinforced poplar cabinet and steel grille

■ Front ported for maximum low-frequency extension and punch

■ Stereo XLR inputs plus stereo XLR full-range and high-pass outputs

■ Integrated digital crossover with variable control and presets for Mackie SRM350 and SRM450 loudspeakers

■ Smart Protect™ DSP kicks in to protect your investment when things get pushed a little too hard

■ Built-in cup for easily pole-mounting full-range loudspeakers

■ Extremely portable design weighing in at only 65.5 lb / 29.7 kg

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