Mackie Thump 12/15/18S Series Powered Speakers - new!



Thump12 and Thump15

Only Thump Powered Loudspeakers deliver the class-leading, chest-thumping low end you deserve. Each Thump loudspeaker delivers 1000 watts of power, providing the high-output you need in a package that’s tough, lightweight and portable.

Designed by the world’s leader in portable live sound,Thump loudspeakers offer a 3-band EQ for dialing in the And with a rugged enclosure and robust system in the perfect sound-protection, you’re more than ready for the next gig. 

Delivering real-world power levels, application flexibility and class-leading bass response, you can be confident that Thump loudspeakers offers the best performance for your money.

■ 1000W Total System Power
■ Gig-ready, high-output design
■ Ultra-efficient Class-D amplification
■ Class-leading, Chest-thumping Low End
       ■ 12"" High-output woofer [Thump12]"
       ■ 15"" High-output woofer [Thump15]"
       ■ 1.4"" Titanium dome compression driver"
       ■ Dynamic bass response delivers amazing lows at all volumeS

■ Total System Optimization
       ■ Precision 2-way crossover
       ■ Transducer time alignment
       ■ System protection / limiting

■ Application Flexible
         ■ 3-band EQ with sweepable mid to dial ideal sound.  

         ■ Mic/line input allows direct connection of microphone
         ■ Flexible mounting options including tripod and pole-mounting
         ■ Angled design perfect for use as a stage monitor

■ Lightweight and Portable
        ■ Rugged polypropylene construction designed for heavy use
        ■ 29.0 lb / 13.2 kg [Thump12]
        ■ 33.2 lb / 15.1 kg [Thump15]



The Thump18S 1200W 18" Powered Subwoofer features a professional band-pass design that delivers class-leading output and deep, room-filling lows. Designed by the world’s leader in portable live sound, the Thump18S provides ample power for high-output applications, bringing your Thump or SRM system to an entirely new level.

A full set of professional input and output connections provide simple integration and sonic optimization of any system. Plus, there’s ample system protection in place to protect your investment.

With tons of power and a high-output/deep punch band-pass design, the Thump18S is the perfect subwoofer to complete your professional PA.


■1200W of Room-Shaking Low End
     ■ Professional band-pass design for maximum output and deep, room-filling lows
     ■ 18" custom high-output woofer
     ■ Cool-running Class-D amplification

■ Total System Optimization
     ■ Precision crossover (140 Hz)
     ■ Tuning filters deliver highly accurate bass response
     ■ Robust system protection

■ Application Flexible
     ■ Dual XLR inputs for mono or stereo applications
     ■ Stereo high-pass outputs optimize sound when connecting top boxes
     ■ Stereo full-range outputs perfect for adding more subwoofers
     ■ User-adjustable level and polarity controls
     ■ Easily mount your full-range loudspeaker via pole cup

■ Solid All-Wood Design
     ■ Robust all-wood enclosure with high-durability finish
     ■ “Built-Like-A-Tank” construction
     ■ 82 lb / 37.2 kg


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