Phonic Nexus-540 15" 400W Active Speaker


15" 400W Active Speaker

The Nexus 540 speakers have an attractive yet impact-resistant design, while offering high power output through it's biamplified configuration. The angled molded enclosure is made of highly durable polypropylene and is designed for use as a stange monitor, stand-mounted speaker or for permanent installation. The Nexus speaker also offers a low cut filter, allowing users to get rid of pesky stage-rumbles and other low-frequency annoyances. With a built-in crossover and limiter function, the Nexus 540 is an active speaker that gives all others a run for their money.

  • Bi amplified design with 400 Watts (RMS)
  • Offers a 15" woofer matched with a 1" tweeter
  • Switchable Mic/Line balanced input
  • Low cut filter: 75 Hz, 18 dB / octave
  • Contour switch with 5 dB boost @ 120 Hz (1/3 octave), 5 dB boost @ 10.5 kHz (1/3 octave)
  • Crossover point at 2.5 kHz
  • Built in limiter for overload protection
  • Durable, lightweight speaker cabinet with dynamic sound
  • Balanced XLR-type inputs with switched Mic/Line sensitivity plus an XLR-type LINK OUT
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