Phonic DYN-2000 Dynamic Processor


Dynamic Processor

The DYN2000 compressor/gate from Phonic provides extremely musical compression, together with gating capable of completely eliminating unwanted transient sounds. Attack and release controls give complete control of compression to the engineer or artist, enabling the soft- and hard-knee compression to be easily adjusted between minimal - allowing users to smooth out uneven levels - and aggressive peak-limiting. Able to run in dual mono or stereo couple modes, and featuring versatile sidechain functionality, the DYN2000 is the ideal studio companion for all; delivering quality audio performance and reliability synonymous with Phonic products.

  • Stereo or Dual Mono operation of gate, compressor and limiter functions
  • Select between soft knee and hard knee operation
  • Expander/Gate function features variable release time and +15dBu max. threshold
  • Separate sidechain inserts with selectable Low Frequency Shelf
  • The limiter function provides total control of maximum peak levels at the output regardless of any other control
  • System bypass buttons on both channels, useful for comparing processed and unprocessed signals
  • 8-Segment LED display, showing gain reduction up to 30dB
  • Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs and outputs
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