Transtage Portable Staging


Portable Stage System

Transtage is global market leader when it comes to staging systems and casing solutions. Providing the latest innovations in design, our lightweight, rock solid and integrated products have been serving the most discerning of clients world-wide for over 20 years; we have proudly done so through offering a superior product at quite simply a more competitive price.
A versatile staging solution for schools, colleges, hotels, theme parks, event organisers, local authorities, exhibition organisers, choirs and operators of multi-use venues. Transtage is assembled by a single key which fastens each unit, allowing dance, music, drama and corporate uses.

With Transtage, now you can easily create a customised performance stage or raised flooring system without the time and expense of having one custom-built. Transtage platforms are available in a variety of sizes and shapes - you choose the riser height and whether you wish to add guardrails, stairs and skirting in whatever configuration you design. It‰۪s quick and easy to design your own custom stage ‰ÛÒassembly is a breeze, its lightweight design requiring only one person, whilst our unique and patented system literally clicks into place and with a twist of an Allen key is locked in for ultimate safety & security. We understand the requirements our clients demand of their products, years of experience, research and development has pushed us to create unrivalled systems utilising only the highest quality materials, demonstrated by the fact that our stage platforms are not only capable of holding up to 900 kilograms per square metre, but these lightweight platforms will last for years continually boasting their flawless and unified appearance worthy of an Oscar!
All backed up with a 2 year warranty, we are entirely confident you will be 100% satisfied with your own state of the art Transtage system, fully customisable to suit your ever changing needs.


Make an informed decision, choose a distinguished brand, and select an exceptional product that suits you; Transtage the cr̬me de la cr̬me of staging systems, because sometimes you have to treat yourself‰Û_åÊ


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